No Place Like Home Orphanage. Haiti

“Let the little children come to me” Matthew 19:14
This is a ministry of Jacque & Marie Alexander who returned to Haiti a few days before the earthquake on January 12, 2010. Their lives were changed that day and God placed it on their hearts to begin an orphanage for the many children that were effected by the tragedy that day. It is estimated that over 50,000 children became orphans as a result of the earthquake. On a piece of land in Clarcene, in Port au Prince that they owned, they were able to immediately care for three orphans. As you can imagine things were very tough in those first few months, but with the help from relief funds they were able to construct temporary living quarters for the children and for Jacque and Marie. They have come a long way through the prayer and donations of the many believers who support their ministry. They now have 10 orphans in the facility. Plans are being made to construct a permanent structure and the need for funding is critical. The children need sponsors to fund their on-going needs and for the construction of the building.
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