About Jacque & Marie

After graduating from Arlington Baptist College in 1988, Jacques and Marie Alexandre set their compasses toward Haiti and began their first work in Port-au-Prince.  They began their labor for the Lord in 1989 out of their living room after two weeks of intensive soul winning.  God honored that labor with 31 conversions and provided the foundation of an independent Baptist church that now averages nearly 900 souls each week in attendance.  From that meager beginning, God has given much fruit for their labor with over 4,760 conversions and 4,856 baptisms during the last 19 years.  Many of those who have been saved were involved in voodoo in various ways.  Bro. Rolinx, a practicing voodoo priest and worshipper of the god of this world, could not resist the power of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  His testimony is tremendous how that God brought Jacques into his life at the very moment of his greatest need with the message of life through the God of Heaven.      
God has opened many doors of ministry opportunity for these servants.  They have started works in Port-au-Prince, Hatt, and Pernier.  Jacques hosts two radio broadcasts that reach most of Haiti and even into the Dominican Republic, a nation which shares the island of Hispañola with Haiti.  In 2002 they began a ministry which feeds and educates 95 needy children on the island.  The Lord also provided a vision for the very first “Children’s Churches” in Haiti.  The church in Hatt averages 253 children each Sunday and the church in Pernier averages 45.  A local prison ministry has yielded much fruit with many women being led out of a life of bondage to Satan and into a life of liberty through Christ.  Jacques understands the Bible command to disciple men to carry on the ministry.  He has educated and personally trained 40 national missionaries who are all currently active in evangelism.  These men will become church planting missionaries in the rural areas of Haiti.
For more info please go to :  www.nplhome.org

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