PRAY…. Then PRAY Some More…

PRAY…. Then PRAY Some More…

September is here and the school year is well under way. Excitement is in the air as our varsity and JV football teams gears up for the upcoming season. The cross country team is preparing for another awesome season. The volleyball teams have been playing now for almost a month and gearing up for another district championship.

With Fall around the corner and hurricane season in full swing and with Summer finally behind us, its time to get ready for some……….. football!

People of all ages and all walks of life will be filled with some football between now and February. Each of us rooting for our favorite team at various levels. I guess we can all say, that we are Panthers fans, with no arguments, but that is where it changes for the rest of us. That’s the beauty of living in our great nation. We can root for whoever we want, whenever we want, because we have the freedom to do so.

The freedom to live and to live life more abundantly. The freedom to do as we please, so long is we abide by our nation’s laws. Free to speak and free to protest and free to disagree.

We have been granted this freedom and this life, only by the grace of almighty God. It is by His grace and His mercy that we live the lives we live. WE should never take for granted what has been given to us, His people, His church. All He asks in return is to praise Him with our hearts and praise Him with our deeds. His desire is to have a relationship with Him and to talk with Him as often as possible.

In the coming weeks we will have our annual “See You At The Pole” and with it comes the call to prayer from our students at the flagpole. Our students have the right to pray whenever and wherever they wish, even on school grounds. This is a time where students are encouraged to pray at their school flag pole and also to continue to encourage them to pray for their school and their fellow students, without ceasing.

I call on all of us adults to pray for our students. Pray that God will continue to use them to reach up and reach out. We have a tremendous harvest, right here in Maypearl and the evil one will do everything he can to stop lives from changing; stop hearts from mending; stop people from coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Maypearl has some outstanding students. Please pray that we love them more and criticize them less. Please pray that we praise them more and judge them less. Please pray that we encourage them more and discourage them less. What a better place this would be, if we just see people the way Jesus sees people.

God Bless and thank you Church for allowing me to do what I do. What a very fulfilling life I live, doing what I love to do. Pray and when you think about it, pray some more. 
John E

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