Our Day – Resurrection Sunday 3/31/13

Our Day

1 Cor. 15
John 11

I. The resurrection is essential to our faith.
*1 Cor. 15:12-19

If no resurrection, then…

A. Our faith has no foundation.
vv. 12-14
*Rom. 10:9
*1 Cor. 15:51-57

B. We are false witnesses.
v. 15

C. We are still in our sins and our faith is worthless.
v. 17

II. Proofs of the Resurrection

A. Appearances

B. Empty tomb

C. Disciples never changed the story

D. The birth and message of the early Church
*Acts 2

E. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit

F. Read John 11:17-44

Two Groups:
*John 11:45-48
*John 12:9-11
1. Many believed
2. Some did not Believe

III. How should the resurrection affect us?
*1 Cor 15:58

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