Bring Your Best #20: Getting Desperate For God 8/18/13

1) What is fasting
Holman Dictionary: The laying aside of food for A period of time when the believer is seeking to know God in A deeper experience.

2) What fasting is not…
A. Fasting is not an attempt to manipulate God.
B. Fasting does not make you an “elite” Christian.
C. Fasting is not A weight loss program.

3) Is fasting scriptural?
Daniel 9
Jesus- Matthew 4
Moses- Exodus 34:28
David- Psalms 69:10
Israel- 2 Chronicles 20
People of Nineveh- Jonah 3:5
Paul- Acts 13:2-3
Isaiah 58:6- Spiritual Warfare

4) Examples of Fasting
A. True fasting & prayer will bring victory over Satan’s stronghold.
(Isaiah 58:3-9)
B. Fasting & prayer gives direction for ministry
(Acts 13:2-3)
C. It is important to fast & pray for our nation.
(2 Chronicles 20)

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