Invest. Droo Vandergriff. D-Now teen weekend. 2/2/14

Andrew Vandergriff

Student Pastor


Bio: Andrew, Stacey and their daughter Judith have dedicated their lives to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. They encourage students to begin and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Andrew attended and graduated from Northwest High School and later earned his bachelor’s degree in Bible/Pastoral Ministries from Arlington Baptist College. Stacey received her diploma from Boyd High School and is a librarian at Northwest High School while their daughter Judith attends Northwest High School.

By God’s mercy, Andrew began an incredible relationship with Jesus Christ. God began to stir in his heart about ministering to a culture in desperate need of Jesus Christ. In 1998 Andrew taught his first Sunday School class and in 2000 he began his tenure at Aurora Baptist Church and became the Student Pastor in 2002. 13 years of youth ministry experience has made a wonderful impact on the teens in Wise County.

Andrew tries to establish and maintain a personal relationship with each student of his group and in doing so is able to lead them into a greater knowledge of the Lord and His Word. Andrew and Stacey are constantly available to any teen in need and sacrifices his time, energy and home to prove that. They are loved and respected by all of his students and they love each one of them with the love of Jesus and will continue to be amazing examples of Christ.

You can watch a replay last Sundays service or join us live at 10:45 next Sunday. Just click here.  Sunday Morning Service

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