Policies and Procedures

FLC Policies And Procedures

Mission Statement

To bring people to a personal relationship with Christ and help them grow in that relationship.


The purpose of the Family Life Center (FLC) is:

1.  To strengthen the education organizations of the church.

2.  To provide evangelistic opportunities.

3.  To help with total personal development spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.

4.  To offer quality activities in a Christian setting.


1.  Children ages 12 & 13 are considered underage but may use the facility without being accompanied by a parent or guardian as long as parent or guardian is in the FLC.

2.  Underage children age 11 and younger must remain with a parent or guardian while in the FLC. EXCEPTION: Whenever supervision is provided.

3.  Eligibility to participate depends on each person abiding by FLC Policies and Procedures.

4.  Identification bracelets are required to be worn by those affiliated with FBC. PROCEDURE: Register by signing the sign-in sheet. Pick up bracelet from Control Center. Deposit in the drop box when leaving.


1.  Equipment is checked out from and returned to the Control Center.

2.  Individuals or groups are responsible for equipment or property damaged due to abuse, being lost, or stolen.

Accidents, Injuries. and Liability

1.  All possible care and precautions have been taken for the safety of each individual using the FLC. In the event of an accident or injury, FBC, its employees, members, agents, or any sponsor will not be held liable.

2.  Families or individuals are responsible to provide their own personal health and accident insurance.

3.  Use of the FLC and all equipment will be at the risk of the participant.

4.  FBC does not assume liability or responsibility for any participant engaged in any church-sponsored activity.

Interpretation of Rules

Policies and procedures are reviewed periodically.

Staff on duty will be responsible for interpretation and enforcement of all rules.

“I guess there has to be rules, otherwise we’d be having fun ALL the time.”

Lost And Found

1.  First Baptist Church, its employees, members, agents or any sponsor will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.

2.  Lost and found items are kept at the Control Center.

3.  The Benevolence Committee will distribute items left after two months.


1.   Willful disregard of FLC Policies and Procedures could lead to loss of participation privileges.

2.    FLC Staff has a right to say “no” or “stop”.

3.   Staff on duty has the authority and support of the Recreation Team to:

  1. Ask anyone to stop what they are doing.
  2. Ask anyone to please leave the FLC.
  3. Invoke a suspension immediately.
  4. Call parents or guardian.

Items Prohibited

1.  These are not allowed in the FLC: tobacco products, anything considered a weapon, any alcoholic beverage, controlled substances, pets, or anything Staff deems inappropriate for an indoor facility.

2.  Food and drink must be kept in Commons Area during FLC hours.

3.  Bottled water may be taken into the rest of the building.

FLC Hours

1.  Operating hours will be posted at the Control Center.

2.  Operating hours will vary at times due to holidays and other scheduled activities.


Control Center

1.  This is a restricted area and only Staff on duty should be in the Control Center.

2.  Children under 14 are not permitted in the Control Center.

Concessions/Snack Areas & Rooms

1.  Food and drink are restricted to the Snack Room and Commons Area.

2.  Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Game Room

1.  Game equipment is to be used properly.

2.Each person is responsible for equipment damaged through misuse or neglect.


1.  Located from the front door to the game room.

2.  Running or reckless behavior is not permitted.

Guests and Visitors

1.  These are individuals or groups not affiliated with FBC who are hosted by a FLC member or are participating in a scheduled activity.

2.  Guests will be asked to fill out a Guest Registration Card.

3.  Hosts are responsible for their guests’ conduct and use of equipment.

4.  Visitors are asked to register by signing the sign-in sheet.

5.  Visiting groups and organizations are responsible for their group’s conduct and use of equipment.

6.  Visitors are to stay in the area where their group is participating.

7.  Guests and visitors are expected to comply with FLC Policies and Procedures.

Dress and Behavior

1.  Each person’s dress and conduct should be in keeping with our Mission Statement.

2.  Dress should be modest and appropriate.

A.  Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times.

B.  Shirts with sleeves and full length are required while participating in athletic or fitness activities.

3.  Profanity will not be acceptable.

4.  Smoking or use of tobacco products is not acceptable.

5.  Gum is not allowed anywhere in the FLC. If chewing, please find a trash container and either spit or swallow.

Maintenance and Upkeep Fees

There are fees charged for some activities to help defray operating expenses, reduce strain on the church budget, and maintain equipment in good condition.


1. Non-marking court shoes are required.

2. Full-length shirts or basketball tops will be worn at all times.

3. Throwing anything up on the jogging track is not permitted.

4. Avoid contact with the divider curtain.

5. Gymnasium equipment will be set up and adjusted by Staff on duty.

6. No climbing on hanging on the rims.

Jogging Track

1. This is not a spectator area for other activities.

2. Throwing anything down on the gymnasiums is not permitted.

3. Slow walkers and joggers use the wall-side while faster joggers and runners use the rail-side.

4. Side by side walkers are always to yield right-of-way to faster joggers.

5.  13 laps = 1 mile.


Channels will be controlled by the Staff.


The kitchen is scheduled and reserved through the Activities Ministry Administrative Offices.

Dining Room

The room is scheduled and reserved through the Activities Ministry Administrative Offices.

Racquetball Courts

1.  Check in at the Control Center

2.  Courts may be reserved for a 1-hour period 48 hours in advance by calling the FLC at 972-435-2343. Reservations are held for 10 minutes.

3.  Any time courts are available, reservations are not needed; check at the Control Center.

4.  Players may not reserve back-to-back reservations but may play for consecutive hours if courts are open.

5.  Rental racquets are available at the Control Center.

6.  Under age 18 must wear eye protection. Goggles can be checked out at the Control Center.

7.  Racquetball rackets, NOT tennis racquets, must be used on courts.

8.   No more than 4 players at a time on courts.

9. Wallyball equipment is available; ask Staff on duty for assistance.

10.   Each person is responsible for any willful damage to the courts or rental equipment and is subject to suspension of playing privileges.


1.  Reservations are made through the Activities Ministry Administrative Offices.

2.  Reservations may be made any time there are not other scheduled activities though groups will not have exclusive use of the FLC during these times.

3.  For times set aside for group reservations only, call the Activities Ministry Administrative Offices. Several groups may use the FLC simultaneously by reserving different areas.

4.  Some reservations require charges to cover operating expenses.

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