Student ministry

Bible Study

Sunday Mornings 9:30am

Every Sunday morning students open up God's Word and study Scripture.   A great time  for fellowship and to go deeper in God's word.  Student groups are 6-8th grade girls, 6-8th grade guys, 9-10th grade girls, 9-10th grade guys while 11-12th grades are co-ed.

The Movement

Mission: To take as many people to Heaven as possible. 

Our student ministry at FBC is called The Movement.  We believe that God wants to do a movement in our community.   A movement where students surrender their lives to Christ.  A movement where students bow their lives in worship.  A movement where the heart of students is to share the gospel with their friends.  A movement where students live out what they believe.  A movement where students are constantly inviting their friends to church.  Guess what.....that movement.....has already started.  Don't miss out on what God is doing!

The Movement meets every Wednesday night at 6:30pm.